Friday, September 14, 2007

Guitar Hero

OK so I'm usually always late on he new and greatest things that come out. For example an IPod, Camera Phones, and all the fun games. Last night Danny and I went over to our good friends The Philipoom's and they were playing Guitar Hero, I think this game has been out for years, and I have never seen or played!!!! And now I'm obsessed, I've been researching all morning where I can get the cheapest one! If you haven't played you need to, it's AWESOME


Hilary & Morgan said...

I am obsessed with guitar hero! It is the funniest game ever! I strongley recommend buying one, you pull that thing out at the most random times and have a blast for hours with it! *Hilary

Todd and Andrea said...

So, this will really make me seem old. I went all through school with Spencer Philipoom. Yeah, the dad! Great family.

Molly Young said...

Thats crazy! I must tell spencer asap. He has a great family, and he is a great guy!