Saturday, October 08, 2011


I remember so clearly the moment i saw some light in my darkness. it was just a flicker.
Danny and I were driving in the car. He turned to me and said "I want to start a foundation in IzzyJanes name." I was in the middle of one of my many melt downs, and I stopped. "what?" I asked. "Ya! I want to help families that have to go through this. Many families have gone through it and unfortunately many will ahead of us."
That's when I saw hope.
I have never really needed as much HOPE in my life as I need and rely on it now. But I saw it. It was like it fluttered by. That afternoon we were sitting on my sister Jeni's back porch, our "happyplace" and once again I was in a middle of a breakdown, Danny turned to me and whispered "Do you see that? A big yellow butterfly has been flying around us all afternoon. I think its IzzyJane".
I stopped crying once again and smiled, a true smile.
From that moment on I knew that's what we needed to do. we needed something to help us start to heal. We needed to help as many families as we can, so that they too will see Hope in their future.

We came up with the name FlutterBy IzzyJane. I love it. It reminds me of that day when the butterfly was fluttering by us. It reminds me of how soft and precious our IzzyJane is. It makes my heart skip a beat for the pain that other Families are having to suffer, and then it skips one more beat for the hope that we can offer. We are going to make "Forever" bracelets for the moms and babies and donated them to the hospitals. When I think of what really meant the most to me while I had my brief moment with sweet IzzyJane, it was knowing that we wore matching bracelets forever. She is mine forever, she will be in my heart forever, I know she is with me forever. FOREVER. I touch, see, and feel my bracelet daily, never taking it off  and like Izzy, this bracelet is apart of me forever. For all the moms that have suffered this pain you are all apart of me. For the moms that haven't yet gone through this and unfortunately it happens to 1 out of 160 pregnancies, I hope to give you some comfort. I hope to Flutterby and give you some ease with financial burial costs. With the money that we raise we are going to make these bracelets and also donate some money to help with the unexpected and brutal burial cost. We want to Flutterby like our IzzyJane did to us and to help others that are feeling this pain. please Flutterby

We are just getting started with a Facebook page, and we are working with an attorney to get things up and running! Visit us at  FlutterBy IzzyJane. 


Melanie and Daniel said...

You and Danny are amazing! This is such a wonderful thing you two are doing that will bless and uplift so many. What an awesome thing to be apart of.

Kate said...

Wow, you guys are amazing and what an honour in IzzyJane's memory. Just incredible. x

amanda jane said...

what a beautiful mission. we love you two and are not at all surprised at the direction you are taking to help others who feel your pain.

Ellen and Austin said...

What an amazing thing to do!!! You guys are amazing :)

GMyers said...

HELLOOOOOO! Could the two of you be any more amazing. I am so proud of you and blow away by your strength!

Amanda said...

Molly you guys are amazing! I admire just how strong you two are and think that the foundation you are starting is going to be a blessing for sooo many moms!!!

Anonymous said...

Remembering the excitement & joy that IzzyJane brought to all of us is the reason I love this foundation. I love that Danny suggested this, the love he has for his sweet baby is priceless! I love you both & hope that this foundation brings us HOPE for the future and HOPE for others who suffer a loss like this!
To brighter days & remember sweet Izzyjane
love me,
jeni e.

Anonymous said...

I do not know you personally but your story is heartbreaking, IzzyJane is beautiful! So glad you are turning to help other families to help with their loss.

Michael said...

This is such a great idea! You are so generous with your stories and feelings that I'm sure you are helping and are going to help so many as well as with Flutter By izzyJane. You guys are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your story. My mother unfortunately lost my sister at 40 weeks. She was told horrible non-supportive things after her loss but she has always believed that she will have her forever. She has a garden dedicated to her and still makes a cake for her on her birthday every year. May God bless you in what you are doing to help others.