Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Im wearing mascara again! 
I didn't think there would be a day, that I could go a whole day not smearing my mascara from my tears, but there has been some!
and i need to thank all of you who have left messages, who have delivered gifts, who have been courageous to talk to me and tell me that i'll make it through the nightmare! 

I want to thank Whitney Hawkins and Meagan (from Las Vegas) who both have angels waiting in heaven and were angels on my blog. I don't know these girls personally but they reached out to me in my darkest moments, giving me some of the hope and light that they have gained through the loss of their babies! Some of the things you said helped me get through the hell that I lived in. Thank you form the bottom of my heart for giving me some hope! I have felt, seen and search for HOPE! 

I want to thank my family and friends! I am so lucky to have many groups of friends who have turned into family. You have all been amazing! 
I'm being 100% serious when i say I couldn't have done it without you! 

some took me on trips. 
some sat and cried with me
some made me get up and go to breakfast
some made me go to lunch and eat
some let me do their hair while i was sobbing to them(that was risky) 
some dropped of presents
some sent cards
some just prayed for me
some just listened
some faced booked, blogged me
all of you 
anything you did it helped me and continues to help me!!!!
I THANK YOU for FlutteringBY!  
Thank you thank you! 

Because of the hope love and support you gave me, it has made me stronger, it has made me more aware, it has made me want to give back. I am So excited about the foundation we are creating. I hope you all know that every ounce you gave to me in support I am giving back to others! I hope that i can flutterby and help families they way that you have helped me! 

I love you all, even those who i don't know
I love my IzzyJane and what she has created, without her i wouldn't be the mom that i am today! 

This is when IzzyJane spirit first entered my body! Love her and the light that she brought into me! 
Continue to FlutterBy my IzzyJane


Anonymous said...

What a creative way to start your post, with your beautiful blue eyes!!
Today when i looked at you, I felt "YOU," you were there beautiful, joyful & hopeful. You looked at Sloan with pure joy & love in your heart.
I am glad I MADE you do so many things! You are my beautiful sister, who i love more than words can express! My heart is bigger because of you & softer because of IzzyJane. Tonight on the way home from dance, london asked to stop by Izzy's. SHOCKED, but I guess she knows now I am strong enough to go there without falling apart! She wanted to be close to her cousin. Thank you for being hopeful. Thank you for letting us love on you in your HELL! I look around your house & i bought you a lot of STUFF! ha ha ha...... i love izzyjane! I love you! HOPE ON......
And thank you to everyone who has loved on you...... thank you
thank you
thank you


Whitney said...

It only gets better. There will still be rough days. But I know it is a huge relief to feel some relief from so much pain and tears.

You have, in turn, helped me out a lot. Just by reading your blog, and your raw, true feelings. I am amazed at your honesty and your strength.

The foundation you are creating is amazing. Please please please let me know how we can help or contribute.

Ashley Richards said...

Beautiful Molly! Sure love you! Ash

Amanda said...

You are amazing. I think about you daily and I hope you know how much I love you! I can not imagine how you feel but I do hope you know how much I look up to you and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you!!! Much Love!!

Uncle Scott said...

What can I say, but YOU ARE AWESOME. As I watched you & Danny on KSL tonight, I smiled and cried. Know that we LOVE you and are so proud of you. Drop by if you're in our hood, we always have treats.... :-)

Renel said...

Mascara! you are brave...I can't do that yet. One day at a time! One day at a time.

Stephanie said...

You are one tough gal Molly! I was surprised and happy to see the article on KSL (lived out of state for 4+ years but will always check the news at home). What a great thing to do with your grief, to help others. I look forward to seeing your progress!

Rachel said...

My mom emailed about the Deseret News article which led me to your blog. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my firstborn (a baby girl) almost 6 years ago. As I read your story, I cried for you, and I also cried for me. It is so heartbreaking to see others go through this journey. It is true what you said, "That it is not something you get over. It is something you work through."
Your daughter is beautiful, and I think you are doing so much good in creating this foundation to help others. I would love to donate to your foundation. I would have loved something like this and my angel baby girl 6 years ago.

Jen said...

You are amazing! I saw your story on ksl. I lost my little girl 5 years ago. You will have your good and bad days.. Its OK!! I want one of your braclets when they are made.Love it..

Paula said...

I just saw the newspaper piece. I am so glad that you have found the strength to do this and help others. You are beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your story.

Nikki said...

Hey Molly,
I came across you and your husbands article in the newspaper. It broke my heart to pieces reading it. I wanted to share this song with you- it hopes that it may comfort you at least a little bit. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers! :) Just copy and past this link :)

"I Will Carry You" - Selah

@udj said...

Molly, you strong girl, woman, and mother!
You are a strength to me and many others. The KSL story was wonderful. You and Danny are lifting others by sharing your love for IzzyJane. You are lifting me and it has been 6 years.
I don't know how it is possible but, I do know a broken heart heals with a greater capacity for love and beauty.
And look how you are giving that to others now with FlutterBy.
We can get by, but we can get by and live on so much better with love and support.
Love you heaps!

Katie said...

Had a moment for you sitting in church today!! oh how I admire your ability to rise everyday and find something to smile about. Love you can't wait to see you asap

{Brooke} said...

Molly, we're going to lunch asap!! I miss you.