Monday, September 24, 2007

What? Urban Outfitters? Utah?

YEA!! Another Hot spot that Utah is fortunate to get! Coming soon to Gateway mall, and I'm excited! Here is a little preview of what they have! Some of their stuff is way funky but they have great stuff!


Jessica said...

You kidding me!! Oh dear, I better start saving, just ask Katie, I get a little out of hand at Urban Outfitters - I made her go with me when we visited last April. Thanks for sharing the news Molly!!

Hilary & Morgan said...

Urban is one of my favorite stores! I actually have the shirt from the third pic. you posted, thats funny! You are going to love their stuff! *Hilary

Molly Young said...

Oh I know i'm going to go shopping all day! Danny will be so happy, haha not