Monday, November 26, 2007

* ME *

I love taking hot baths! I love putting my head under the water and everything become quiet! It is the one time my mind and thoughts are silent!

I wish i would have never quit dance! I loved the way i felt when i was dancing! Whenever i see a performance i get chills all over. Its an amazing expression!

I wish apons stars

I love love love turning the music up full blast and singing my heart out! One day I was so frustrated and Shania Twain's song Honey I'm Home came on and i started bawling and sing the song at the same time, It would have been a sight to see.

My comfort food is Bread. When I'm sick, want a snack, hungry, bored, anything anytime I will eat it!

I love Holidays except for Thanksgiving and Christmas! I always end up crying, mad, frustrated, or disappointed! When I have a family, I want to travel somewhere awesome, so my kids look forward to it besides Presents! I wish we could give without presents! Love, Food, Peace, Compassion many other things...

I love to watch t.v when i get the chance!

Would I change anything about my life's experiences....No It made me who I am today!

I can't do spicy food! Cafe Rio's dressing is to spicy, but i love it!

I would wear flip flops all year round if it didn't get so dang cold here in UTAH. Hence me wanting to move to California.

I have enjoyed my calling in the church. I'm surprised too.. haha I am the first counselor in the young women's. I have had such a fun time learning and teaching our young woman Sadie!

I HATE being TEASED. Danny teases me way to much. I guess i never had a brother to tease me!

Wish I had a brother! Besides my brother in laws ( they are great )

I love talking with God, saying prayers are an amazing way to feel gratitude for what I have, fell compassion for others, and asking for help!


Jessica Rose said...

oh my, I love, love, love hot baths too (that picture made me miss being home)! I have missed that here in Italy so don't be too jealous. We should get together when we get back. I think Jake and danny know each other from basketball or at least sord of know each other haha. We're still trying to figure out if we're going to live at Northgate - was it a rough application process? It looks like a beast

*JOHANNA* said...


Jessica said...

I need to tell you about bathing at the public baths in Japan. Surprisingly awesome, somehow a nice soak made getting nakid infront of a bunch of Japanese women worth it. :)

I loved learning more about you Molly, you are so amazing - I think all you Jensen gals are. I would love to see pics of the new do as well!