Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Break

Every Tuesday my esthetics class goes to tour salons! We went up to park city and toured some really amazing spas! We all loved this mountain body day spa!
This was their pedicure room! so cute huh!
This is some of my cute friends from class!
Brooke and I lookin awesome at 7 in the morning!
We gave each other Paraffin wax facials! It was awesome
Once again I'm telling you guys need to come and get some services done after are Christmas break! we get back January 7th. The spots fill up fast so call me and we'll make appts!


*JOHANNA* said...


Brooke said...

I look half asleep in those pics!!!! It's weird, but I actually kind of miss school?! I was so excited for the break, and now I'm missing it. Let's get together soon. I cleaned out and organized my craft room, so it's ready to get crazy. Talk soon. Miss ya Molly


CHILI said...

Is that Brooke Smith? Holy cow you look great. You have cute friends molly. Thanks for checking out my blog. I miss you. Whittney