Monday, February 25, 2008

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7 things you don't know about me....

* I talk in my sleep all the time! Danny likes to play along with me while I'm talking. One night I started yelling at him about some something and so he started yelling back, I finally woke up and asked him "Why are you yelling at me?" He started laughing and told me all about it! Another time I literally fell out of bed! haha

* I love to eat! I at least eat 5 little meals a day! Danny says I eat every 2 hours! If i don't eat be afraid, cause i get grumpy! haha I admit it!

*I could sleep in till noon if I didn't feel so guilty!

*I'm afraid of older men! That is if they are intimidating, grumpy, or downright rude! I'm so sensitive anyways so that doesn't help.

*I love Rap, Pop, Hip Hop any kind of music that makes me groove! The funny thing is I can never understand what the words say, so I make up my own words and if Danny is in the car and I'm singing along he laughs and calls me his white gangster who can't rap! Ohhhh but I can Groove!

* I love Clean Sheets! Clean Clothes! Clean Towels! Clean House! Clean Smell! Clean Car! Its a good thing I like to clean! (Thanks to my mom!)

* I'm trying to be a more funny person! I know that sounds so dumb but I am! I think I've gotten better because I can make Danny laugh and my friends! Its weird cause when I get with my family they don't really see that side of me but I'm workin on it!

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Hilary & Morgan said...

It must be a Wood thing but I eat 5times a day too! I just can't stop eating all day long. Literally I think I eat every 2 hours. Also, yes you do talk in your sleep. Memories of efy run through my head as apparantly we had long discussions only to find out later you were asleep the whole time! love ya