Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What A Mini??

Take this test!

Talk about in the know. You're on top of the current trends, even if the current trends are throwbacks to days past. You know the latest lingo and can probably rattle off a list of movies that are currently showing in the theaters, as well as the latest "it" place to grab a bite after the show. Chances are, you pay attention to the news and current events, too. Basically, you're on top of your game. You can change with the times and are on to the next best thing before others even know what hit them.

So what's the perfect car companion, the vehicle to fit your hot lifestyle? Maybe it's the new Beetle or the Mini Cooper. Or maybe your interested eyes should be falling on the new breed of transforming trucks like the Chevy Avalanche. You could be riding with a new style before you know it!

Many of you know that I have loved mini coppers for ever! well this test said I should get one! We have had the worst car trouble latley and i'm so sick of it! I really do deserve a Mini Copper! I have never owned a new car that I picked out! ( I'm greatful though for all the cars I have been fourtunate to drive) But I think its time for me to get what I've dreamed about for a long time!


*JOHANNA* said...

of course its time-especially before you start a family and they don't all fit in your mini!! get it girl!!

Emily said...

Hey its Emily I just barely started blogging again and got your comment, your so cute. I wanted to check your blog out and I love it! It is fun to see what you are up to. You look absolutly beautiful in every picture. Tell your husband I say hi. Take care and I'll talk to you soon.

The Tracy's said...

Cute car. I'm happy for you. Stay out of the way of fender benders. hha! I just tagged you. Go to my blog to see the rules.
Love ya,

CHILI said...

Yeah, I did the test...Not a fan. It says I should have a Taurus. That freakin bites. I don't want a personality of a Taurus. (no offense to all the Taurus owners out there) Jeeps are cool I am excited for you and your broken rear end. Whit