Saturday, April 19, 2008


Here is what we look like on a regular basis........
Here is what we look like when we play DODGE BALL
Don't you just love that we look like Grandmas!
Brooke had this brilliant idea for us to be in a dodge ball tournament...enough said we lost!
I was the last one out, I dodged those balls like it ain't no thing, but I threw the ball like crap.
In the end we got $15 to Cold Stone for best dress! So it was worth every minute of HuMiLiAtIoN HAHA

I think Brooke and I are the cutest ones.....Don't you??

Got to LOVE the glasses Brooke borrowed from the construction guys at SLCC


JOHANNA said...

dogeball ROCKS! You look awesome and sounds like you held your ground pretty well. and of course you are the cutest especially with your "g's" showing through!
p.s love how your eye shadow matches your smokin headband-gorgeous!!

{Brooke} said...

You did play like a champ out there!!! You were killin me with your throws, but I think you were doing all you could to keep those ten pound glasses on your face! You can borrow the Hello Kitty lipstick whenever you want. You look good in it!

schaars said...

You are too funny I love the outfits!!! Where in the world did you hear about a dodge ball contest? Love it!!


Nicole Coles said...

Molly, I just love you girl!! You have way too much fun!! Do they have those dodge ball tournaments often? They look like a blast!! Oh, and I loved the outfit!

Katie said...

LOL!!!! Looks like a blast good job moo, lets work on your throw. XOXOXO You guys are stinking HOT!!!

Tony Carver said...

You both look so HOT! I love it! Hey just so you know I sent you and danny an invite to our blog! I hope you got it!

Michael said...

How FUN Molly! You have such a great blog...lotsa fun, so many adventures!!

Jason and Ronda said...

Hey Molly! I found you!! It's Ronda! Anyways, my blog is I'm so glad I found you! You look so cute in your little dodgeball outfit! Anyways comment me back!

susanne said...

Hey Molly you are so cute!!! So this is your cousin Susanne. HE HE I was looking at my friends blog and then went to her sister in law's (Ty and Whitney) blog and she had a link to your blog on it. How fun is blogging!! My Blog is I hope to see you at the big family reunion. Love ya Sue

Jaime said...


I don't know you by LOVE your blog. I fell into it and found myself reading all about you and your hubby. Love your dodge ball fashion and thought that I would add to your prize winnings. I am the owner of Molly's Clothing and thought you might need a free item. No joke I promise!

I love our products and think anyone who will dress up silly and post it, is a star! Also you are Molly, a great plus. Contact me if you are interested

Wish you the best,
Jaime Stephens