Thursday, October 30, 2008

Will and Katie TiMe!!!

I went to visit the Hadfield's and such a great time!

Will is toooooo cute!
He ate his whole bowl of popcorn and then he kept stealing more form my bowl, he just kept saying "pacorn" sooo cute!

This kid is talking like crazy! He woke up screaming "I wan it" haha so cute!

We went to a wicked Halloween ward party! He was Elvis with Ty

Love you Katie so much! You are an amazing mother, sister and best friend! Thanks for lovin me and showing me a great time!


MacDonald said...

So cute! I can't believe how big Will is. He looks so grown up.

Natalie Carver said...

That last pic of you and your sis is so cute!

Jessica said...

Oh the jealousy! So glad you got to go see them, it's killing me to see how big Will is! Gosh that kids is going to be such a hearbreaker.

Katie said...

Thanks moo, we loved having you. Come again come again soon. Thanks for being such a great aunt and loving us. We miss you

Gayle said...

thanks so much for posting pics of Will and Katie. I had to get over to your blog when I heard you had photos of Will...can't see too many of those! Lets put a little (just a tiny little bit of )Pressure on Katie to update her blog more often. she has two of the cutest guys to take photos of and post about! This grandma needs more photos of the three Californians !