Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here are some funny things about me!

I love to brush my teeth and then drink cold water! It is soo refreshing!

I have to put lotion on my hands and feet before i get in bed!

I love chapstick!

I could eat cereal for every meal!

I could eat every hour!

I have been parking further away so i can get some better exercise.

I love target, I can buy groceries and other wants with out Dan noticing hahaha

I love putting on my makeup!

I love to talk on the phone (and run up my minutes!)

I love getting into bed when the sheets are just cleaned! so fresh!

I love to lie on the carpet when the sun is shining on it!

I pick out my shoes before an outfit!

I love shoes but not the price of some!

I am so picky when I buy a purse. I want lots of pockets!

I love painting my nails but HATE how it chips!

I have 2 wisdom teeth growing in :( I'm scared to death of getting them taking out!

The worst thing about life is waking up, i can never get enough sleep! Why does the world hate sleep?I love to sleep in!

I hate the treadmill but love the bike, and stairmaster!

I like to be out and about, but i am a home body!

Love giving facials! One ladie asked if I worked on a farm cause my hand are so strong! haha


RANDY WOOD said...

That is funny.... I love hot water when with my tooth-brushing needs and I also too LOVE SLEEP!! I also love lying on a sun-shined carpet. Miss you guys...


Charlotte and Dugan Frehner said...

Wow this was so fun. We have many of these things in common. Hope everything is going wonderful for you. You are missed.

{Brooke} said...

Hey girl... Miss you. Hope your trip is fun. I would love for you to give me one of those facials you love to do so much!!! I need it. Ok, so call me when you get back. We need to get together. I'm going through Molly withrawals

jen e. photography said...

YOU are SOOO cute!! I loved reading all of those. You are adorable. I love laying on warm carpet too. It reminds me of our Camille house by the sliding glass door!

Katelin said...

Molly! You are so stinking funny! Let's do lunch or you do my hair... whatever! Let's get together soon.

keri and taylor said...

Time to update your blog! :) It was so fun to see you guys last week. Let's hang out soon!

BradandBrittney said...

hey molly you should start blogging again. its like you never stopped... you last post was right at christmas time. We will just pretend it was christmas 09 and not 08!!!!!!