Saturday, March 13, 2010

New York New York

Ohhh how I loved New York. The longer i'm away the more I want to go! It was such an exciting place to visit!
Gotta have frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity

Michael Jackson died while we were there. It was a sad time, but the city was alive with his music, videos, and memorabilia of him! Every store we went into was blasting with his music. It was a good way to celebrate his life!
We did do the bus tours and actually loved it! we got to sit on the top of the bus and look at the city. It was a good transportation to the shopping, to time square and to see the Statue of Liberty.

One night we decided to eat out on a patio, we had just gotten our drinks and danny got some soup. We were enjoying our time until a DOWN pour of rain hit us! It wasn't like some raindrops warned us, it was just pouring! hahaha danny starts running with his soup to try to save it from the rain! The restaurant was really small so we had to sit at the bar where the bartender had to wait on us! It was a fun experience, while he told us of some great places to visit!


BradandBrittney said...

Your gorgeous!! I want to go!

Katie and Jeff Wood said...

how fun for you guys! New York is the best :) makes me miss it. I am glad you guys had a great time!