Monday, October 04, 2010

Summers over but the memories are always with me!

My best friend sense elementary school Sammy and her mom lisa getting ready for the wedding.
 I got to help with the wedding by doing all their hair! 
I had such a good time with all of them, they really make me laugh!  
 Sammy and Lisa 

We went Iceblocking....
It was soooo much fun! I haven't been sense I was in Jr.high!
 Maren and Austin Hill 

Mikah's parents gave a night out to La caille. We ate such yummy food and got to eat with the peacocks! 

My good friend got married and her wedding was absolutely gorgeous! Im so happy for her!

Paxton has started real contact football! Every saturday I get to feel like a cheerleader again and root for my buddy! He is so awesome! I love him! 


Gabe and Abby said...

How fun Molly! You look so gorgeous in all you're pics! I love those little Olympus helmets... Little league football, Junior high memories... I love it. Hope everything's going good!!!

@udj said...

hey it is audrey. i heard someone ask kelly tonight who cut her hair, and she said, audrey's cute cousin. i'm loving all these pictures, like the one where you are holding danny's hand while ice blocking. it made me laugh out loud. i'm going to scroll through some more pictures. i think you guys are so cool. i wish i could do my hair as good as you can. thanks again for fixing it up.