Thursday, March 03, 2011


 Beautiful california! 

Andrew loves the beach! He decided he was tired and laid in the sand, It didn't bother him one bit! 

Paxton and London had never been to disneyland and to William its like his playground! We loved space mountain, indiana jones, and all you can eat chicken and ribs while they sang oldie songs, like Grandmas feather bed! 

Baby Izzy loved all the rides too!

hahahahaha danny is getting electrocuted!!

William passed out while we were at dinner! Long week with  the cousins! 

And least but not least....


Daughter of God said...

I'm glad to see that you finally put a pic up where we can see your cute prego self. I love it! you're so cute!!! When I was prego with ty we went to lagoon and I rode some of the rides, like tidal wave, it was so weird feeling him move around. :] I hope you're feeling good!
love ya
amy young

Daughter of God said...

ps have I not invited you to our family blog? what's your email and I'll invite you! sorry

FOUST said...

You look AMAZING, and so BEAUTIFUL!
I am so grateful for you blog so I can see you and the girls :)

keri and taylor said...

You're too cute!!! Can't wait to meet your baby girl!