Sunday, March 25, 2012

The name FlutterBy

How we came up with our foundations name is, I wanted to some how have her name in the foundations name and I also wanted to associate butterflies sense that's sort of our world.  It just hit me as I was doodling ideas....
Butterflies flutter as the fly by
hence they FlutterBy 

So it was perfect...Flutterby IzzyJane. 
I do want Izzy to FlutterBy in my life, but more so others. Because of the short time she was on this earth,
 I want her legacy to be about helping others and others helping. 
I want to FlutterBy families that go through the loss of there highly wanted anticipated baby 
 I want others to flutterby our foundation and give! 

Because of our wonderful first fundraiser we were able to make bracelets for those who want to FlutterBy and donate to our foundation. Its a nice way of giving and receiving. 
And for every bracelet that we sell we are donating the "Forever" bracelets to mom and babies at the hospitals around the Salt Lake Valley. They will be connected forever. 

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Renel said...

Beautiful just beautiful. I am so glad this has come to being. I think it is so lovely.