Thursday, August 16, 2007

California and PINKBERRY

Danny and I just got back from Beautiful California! We went and visits my sister Katie and her cute hubby Tyler. They have the cutest new addition to there family. BABY WILLIAM, Oh he is so precious! Danny and I just love being with the Hadfield family. We are so lucky to have them living in Cali. They take us all around cali showing us the new hottest spots. The newest spot is the PinkBerry! Thats what this picture is all about it doesn't show how good it really was. Its yogurt with fresh fruit on the top! It was amazing...but then again what isn't amazing in cali. I truly want to live there one day, hopefully it is sooner than later. I went to my chiropractor and told him all about my obsession with California and he told me i was a Cali GIRL. I would have to agree with him one hundred percent! LOL I think all of me and my sisters are cali girls, blond hair, bubbly personalities, and cute legs from are younger years of rollerblading! I promise I'm going to get a cord form my camera this weekend I will post more pictures of are fun trip! We miss them so much already! When they drooped us of at the airport Katie and I were crying like the baby's we are and then she said hope you miss your flight! haha seriously I wish that would have happened. We love you guys!

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Todd and Andrea said...

Yeah, there's nothing like reuniting with your sister. Special relationship. And what better place to do it than in Cali. We missed our annual trip to Newport Beach this year. I think we all went into withdrawels or something. Hey , when you move there, can we come, too?