Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Love it...

Ok so I absolutely love love love this show! Danny and I went to the theaters to watch this show, and there i was crYing like it was my life. (When i watch movies I put myself into the movie,) We watched it again the other night and once again there I was seriously crying my eyes out. The question I have is, why am i crying so freakin hard? I came to the conclusion that when you have someone close to you that passes away, movies like this show those same feelings and it brings it all up. I'm grateful for Danny and movies like these that help me appreciate my life and remember the loved ones that have passed on. My dad was the best dad ever and I was his favorite daughter! :)

And on a lighter note, Matthew is freakin awesome in this show! He looks so geeky yet so stinkin hot! Ha ha, I think he is the best actor out there! If you haven't seen it, go rent it tonight!


Andrea said...

I bawl during movies too! I know exactly how you feel! I haven't seen it yet but we'll definitely rent it soon.

Todd and Andrea said...

I haven't seen this movie yet either. I wanted to rent it last week, but H & M told me not to because I would cry. So maybe I will have some alone time soon and watch it by myself. Also , even though I'm old, I think Matthew is seriously hot. Sorry if that creeps you out.
See you on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

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