Saturday, October 20, 2007


Ok I've been tagged by Andrea Alba I'm supposed to write 8 things about me! Here goes, hope its interesting!!

This picture of me explains it all! I love to laugh, I love to be at peace, and I love Happiness!

I love family traditions! One of my favorite is picking out the biggest, fullest, most smelly good tree! It has to have all of those qualifications or I'm not buying it! Danny has been able to just laugh at how silly I am, but we have a good time!

I love my family, they mean everything to me. We have been through so many ups and downs together. We depend on each other and care so much about one another!

I absolutely love the Spa. The feeling inside is so peaceful! I knew I wanted to work this field when ever I step foot inside a Spa! I love learning about all of services that I will soon be able to do on you all!
I have an addiction... Ben's Cookies! They are about 10 feet away from our apartment, and they are sooo Delicious! I love to heat them up so they are gooey! NUMMY

I love my Husband! We have been together now for almost 4 years, married for 1 1/2. We have such a great relationship, and we are both lucky to have found one another!

I never miss a Halloween with out dressing up! My whole family loves Halloween and all the activities! Danny really is a good sport in dressing up with me, his family has never really dressed up after the kids get older! The picture up top with my mom, We are Cindy Lou Whoo from the Grinch (Danny had to work...or so he said!)This year we are being Pirates arrr

I had braces on for 7 loooong years of my life. I got them takin off right before me ninth grade picture day. I never had a single boyfriend during those 7 years of my life, it was horrible haha!

I think most of you already knew alot about me but there you go, now I'm going to tag Annie Crockett, and Stef Wilcox


Brando & Annie said...

I love the new post and thanks for tagging me, now I have to update my blog!

Amanda Jane said...

Molly you are so cute! I love knowing more about you, thanks.

Amy & Wes said...

Great post.
Love all the pics.

Todd and Andrea said...

The more we know about you, the greater you are in our eyes. And we used to change your diaper, so we know ALOT! You just keep getting better and better!

Jake and Jess Garrett said...

Molly!! So great to be blogging buddies! You guys look so happy together - I have never had the chance to see you both together in real life so the pictures will have to do for now - you just look so happy!!

Anyway, I'll add your page to my page so we can keep in touch. Tell Danny hi -

Also, we might be living at gateway when we get back. I wanted to ask you about your place - prices, how you like it etc. Let me know when you can

Great to hear from you!

Eric, Emilee, MaryElizabeth, Clara, and Andrew. said...

I loved this! Fabulous pics!

PaulandNicolesJourney said...

Molly, I loved reading about you, you are seriously so cute! I miss you guys, we need to hang out soon!

Brooklyn said...

hey molls, don't ya love finding new people on here?! i'm glad you found me! i love your blog! i'll check often to see how you and danny look great:)

Lindsay said...

Hi Molly! How are you guys? I'm glad we found each other's blogs! Are you still at Gateway? We are living in Bountiful. You guys look like you're doing great. We should all get together sometime, we miss the Gateway ward! Lets keep in touch!