Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I love my family!!!


damian-kallie said...

Thanks again for coming Saturday. It was so wonderful to see you. I miss you so much. You are hilarious..We gotta get together more. :) Thanks for the present. IT IS ADORABLE I cannot wait to put her in it..

Copinga's said...

Hey Molly! I don't know if you remember me, but we both went to SLCC for cosmetology. I was in the day program and I think you were in the evening classes, but we had a class together. Anyways I found your blog through some of my friends and saw you were in the master esthetician program at slcc. I was wondering how you liked it and any info on the program. I'm interested in going back and getting my master license. Sorry about the long comment, you can check our blog at www.thecopingas.blogspot.com and I can give you my email address! My nae is Annie by the way. Thanks so much sorry if this is confusing.

keri and taylor said...

What a cute family! I miss you guys!

Hey, I want to send out Christmas cards will you email me or post on my blog your address? my email is keri.cannon@gmail.com

Happy Thanksgiving!

JOHANNA said...