Friday, December 05, 2008

Happy birthday brooke!!

Brooke is the bestest friend ever! She took Me to a jazz game on her birthday! Isn't that great!

We had the best time ever!
We love Deron Williams!

We got to go on the court and take some great pictures
Thanks Brooke for such a fun and memorable night, a lot better than last year at esthetics school! Except those doughnuts rocked!


Hilary and Morgan said...

Sorry to tell you Moll, but the Suns beat the Jazz last night! Also I found someone down here to help with my hair, but thank you. I am just excited to see you and Danny for the wedding. Thank you so much for coming its going to be a blast!

Ellen & Austin said...
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Ellen and Austin said...

You girls are so cute!! Hope you both are going great!!!

{Brooke} said...

Holy Crap..... Your camera adds like thirty pounds. I look like a whale.....Oh wait, I am a whale!!!!! Your prego friends got nothin' on me. Love ya Mol. You are the best