Friday, December 05, 2008

Good luck Kallie!!!!!!!!!

Both of my cutest friends have and are having babies!!! It's sooooo crazy to think that we were in the same shoes once. Going to work full time, hair school full time and studying for the state boards together and now they have babies together! AHHHH I'm still not ready to have a baby!!
Good luck Kallie cant wait to see your baby girl!


Haskins said...

Are you sure you dont want any babies? You did such a great job babysitting last night! :-)My kids love you! You would be such a cute mom!

Natalie Carver said...

Molly I will let you cut her hair next time! Sorry : (
It was turning into a baby mullet! But I am sure she will need another one soon!

Katie and Jeff Wood said...

Hey cute friends- it's been a while so i thought I would say hi! We hope all is well! Love the pics