Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Brad & Brittney hosted an awesome party up at there place in Logan!
She made us yummy burritos, and yummy treats, shes basically martha stewart. She could make anything! (so she told us that at the film festival!haha)

Cute Adam & Lindsey. They just got married, it's fun cause Adam is Danny's cousin and Lindsey is Wendy's best friend! We love having her part of our family! They also live in Logan so it was fun to see there cute little house!

Brad knew the owners of this place where they had a movie theater room and that's where we got to watch the superbowl Saints VS Colts.
We had a great time!


Nicole said...

Fun! Looking at those pictures reminds me of the Gateway. Good times!

Wendy said...

this was so so fun! i am so glad you took me along!

BradandBrittney said...

hahaah I love this...and I miss you already!