Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The adventures of Hawaii with the Carvers! 

We laid at the pool everyday, ate at fun restaurants,went running on the beach, ate some more and laughed all day!
One of the many beach side restaurants 

we did a zip line through the Hawaiian hills. 
Our guides were freaking hilarious, one of the guys told us to beware of hogs. 
" weird" we all though...and as we were walking all of a sudden in the trees came a "hog" like sound...danny being the protecting husband RAN as fast as he could up the hill...leaving me behind...the whole group was sooo scared and then it was just the tour guide! IT was hilarious 

Roy's dinner was also amazing! I had the best smore dessert, that face just shows how good it was! hahah 
                        TOUGH GUYS                             NOT SO MUCH

HAHAH Danny running from the waves cause his other shoe already got hit from the wave!
who wears shoes on the beach anyways?

Tony and Danny went golfing all day long on some private island! That was their high from the whole trip, not being with their wives. weird. 

This was the rock that we jumped off of! We had to swim out to the rock and then we climbed were that guy is standing and then we jumped! it was so thrilling! wahoooooo I love stuff like that! 

Ohhh how i already miss the beach!
 Thanks sweetie for such a fun trip! 


Randy Wood said...

Love Danny's "Olympus Basketball" cutoff beater.... so OLY! Get over the glory days my friend. MISS YOU GUYS! Please come to family reunion so I have friends.

{Brooke} said...

I'm jealous!!! You two look so cute together. MISS YOU

Natalie Carver said...

What an AMAZING trip! Cant wait for our next adventure where ever that IS!

Love you girl! Had the time of my life with you on this Trip!

Katelin Floy said...

So jealous! Molly, you are a babe.