Saturday, June 05, 2010

Welcome Baby ANDREW!!!

Welcome to the world baby Andrew! You came to a wonderful family who lives in the prettiest place on earth NewPort Beach! 

You have a cRaZy brother who makes us all laugh! 
right now he can't say Dog very well, its more like Goggie! 
He also says Girl in the cuttest way! He

You are a handsome boy! We love you and miss you already! 
You brother can't get enough of you! He smothers your face and pokes you in the eyes! Haahaha! He loves when you make noises and it makes him laugh! 

You will love Uncle Dan! He sure loves you and Will! 

Look how cute you are! You have an amazing mother, she is strong, beautiful, funny,
 and loves you so much! 

And Your Nanna, she is the funnest nanna! you will have alot of fun getting away with anything you want, she likes to spoil her grandkids! (look at will, he cant stop touching you!) 

I love you Andrew! 


Katie said...

so cute moo!!

amanda jane said...

jealous. he won't be so little when we finally get to meet him!

@udj said...

hey- it's audrey. i clicked on here from our family blog. i was expecting to see the hairblow drying. you updated!!! ha ha. cute pictures of your nephews. you and danny are the best aunt and uncle i bet. see you later.

Velvet Butterfly said...

You have such a beautiful blog - Hello from your newest follower(and the first on my new shiny list xxx)
Much Love to you & yours xxx