Friday, August 06, 2010

Acapulco Angels or Dirty Devils

I just laugh everytime i see these pictures! Camp was such a blast! We were the Acapulco Angles and our skit and our actions were more devilish so we got the best award for devilish behavior hahahaha 
I guess that sums up the week! 
No just kidding! 
We had such a fun, spiritual, and bonding time together! There really is nothing like girls camp! A place where women (and i'm saying all women, leaders and the youth) get together and really feel heavenly fathers love! He watches over us and loves everyone for who they are,
 whatever their circumstance are!
 I'm glad that I have the chance as an adult to attend girls camp! I probably went only 2 times when i was younger and i would say i probably had devilish behavior..always complaining and sleeping in, 
but Im lucky that i have such wonderful Young women now! They are truly amazing, and are some of my best friends!
Ok maybe we did have devilish behavior! We got shark attacked cause we went to each ward and silly string them! Payback right?!?!?

Our Skits! Aren't they cute angels?!?!
They are charlie's angels, and we leaders where devils, beating people up and trashing the camp ground  

This was our only shower! ahaha 

MY Favorite BANANA BOATS! soooo yummy !


Brittney said...

What a fun time! Was it just your ward... I thought it was a stake thing?

Mary Jason and boys said...

Oh I'm so glad you posted these Molly! Looks like a fun time! Glad you guys had fun! I miss you ALL!