Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Im a Pro Biker now...

Jeni and I got new road bikes! 
Basically we are a lot of things now....
        Hot in spandex
Pro athletes 
Michael Jackson glove wearers
Fashion models for bike magazines 

Yep this is the picture i'm going to turn in and see if we make the cover of

We would look good on the cover of a magazine! 

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@udj said...

when i got my rode bike, i joked that it felt like the children's book, "if you give a mouse a cookie." do you know that book? if you get a rode bike, you're going to have to get shoes, and spandex, and a bike computer, and a helmet, and gloves...$$$ you get the idea. we should go on a ride sometime. if you can handle riding with an ameture being pro and all :)
it's audrey again, i'm still scrolling down your blog.