Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2 months

Soooo sad that I don't get to celebrate HER milestones :( 
SO instead i will have to celebrate MY milestones

I can work out again
I can smile and jam to music
I can laugh with family and friends
I'm going on a trip to NYC 
I can wear my jeans 
I can touch my toes 
I put one foot infront of another 
I'm just really trying to be positive....Its hard!!!!

Dear IzzyJane
Your beautiful face brings a smile to my face! 


Jenny and Josh said...

You are amazing!

Amanda said...

You truly are amazing Molls! I admire how strong you and Danny are! Loves!

Anonymous said...

IzzyJane = LOVE
IzzyJane - I am pretty sure her favorite decor is the pink flamingo! Which means I am pretty sure her favorite Aunt is ME!!!!
I love you Molls! You are genuine. I love being part of your healing heart........ thru the weak times & the strong times!
Celebrating your milestones...... brilliant! Some how your heart will get stronger & love deeper because of IzzyJane, your beautiful daughter!

love you always.......

Vic, Linds, and the girls... said...

Molly even though I don't know you that well, there isn't a day that goes by that I haven't thought about you!!! I can't imagine the heartache you are feeling and hope you feel some comfort during this difficult time. Much love

Kate said...

It is hard to be positive. Take those days when you have them and embrace the ones that aren't.
Those solar lights are such a nice thing to have at her space. I miss IzzyJane with you. xo

Jessica said...

I stopped by to check in after looking at Katie's blog. Since my appointment I have regretted not sharing with you how much I have thought of you, how every prayer I have said has had you, Danny and your family included in it. Hope absolutely inspiring you are - you are really truly amazing. When people say this they aren't just passing it off as a quick response to what you are doing, it is true. YOU ARE AMAZING, DANNY IS AMAZING. To fight for the hope to work for the future to be willing to accept the sad reality of now - but to still look for the happiness of tomorrow is AMAZING.

I love you Molly, I wish so much I hadn't taking the time I had with you talking about my dumb wedding hair, but rather the thoughts of you that have come to me and the way you have inspired me to put a smile on when facing my small obstacles. I love you much my dear.

Renel said...

I realized when you posted the other day that your 2 months is on the 30th but my 2 months is today because I'm still counting the Thursday's. Your milestone of getting into your jeans. Mine is going to my first therapy appointment. Thinking of Izzy Jane and Camille and wishing our daughters were here with us so badly.