Friday, September 09, 2011

New York New York

 What better way to forget all of our grief and party in New York City
but the "reality really was straight ahead" as we boarded the plane to come home :( 
but for 5 days we laughed, smiled, and ate like crazy!

I truly look happy here and well Gina, she looks happy to have me visiting! 

Danny and I had a blast with Gina! 

We rode our bikes all around New York
we rode over the Brooklyn bridge and then waiting in line for an hour to eat 3 large Pizza's! It was worth every minute and every calories!!!

OH and we SHOPPED.....ALOT :) 

We saw "How to succeeded in business" with Daniel Radcliffe (harry potter) He did so good! and then we got to go back stage and meet him!!!!! No jk we just meet a dancer and then saw Daniel walk out of the studio, but we were close to him! :) 

Gina's Flat! It was awesome! She was so great and let us sleep in her bed while she zonked out on her couch! We are so lucky that she took time off work and let us come out to start our "new normal"
we actually laughed alot! It felt good to have some fun and explore a new city with an awesome tour guide! 

Yes we're dorks! 

Dear New York
your amazing
I want to move to you
You kept my heart happy
I loved shopping
 i loved eating, things actually tasted good!!
You are so busy and not alot of babies or prego women(what a relief)

Dear Gina
Your amazing
I want to move in with you
You kept my heart happy
I loved shopping with you 
I loved eating with you
your not prego hahahaha
You kept "Larry from creeping in" hahaha
I'm so proud of you
Your a beautiful women who i admire! 
Thank you for making danny and I laugh! 
Love you 

Dear Danny and Izzy
I love you both more than I can put into words! 


Teddy, Scott, & baby Jane said...

SO fun!!! Oh I'm so glad you got to go do that trip! What a blast. Gina is such a cutie...haven't seen her forev you lucky girls! Glad you could have such a great time. xoxo

Renel said...

Your smile is infectious! I am so glad you had so much fun. Laughter and smiles are hard to find in the aftermath of our tragedy and it is so nice to be able to find joy where we can. Food tasting good! Whoo hoo. It is amazing how being out of town, out of our element and in a new space can allow us to breathe a little differently and make the weight lift just a little. it is almost like a vacation from the pain except it doesn't go away completely.

I love New York. Daryl and I got engaged on New Years Eve over looking Central park from our hotel room at the Essex House with fireworks going off. I think we ran for 5 days straight trying to get everything we wanted to see and do, done. Broadway is just phenomenal!

Hope you were able to bring some of your joy back to your reality. Love You.

Katie said...

You look drop dead beautiful!!! Can't wait to see you again, sweet girl trying to come home next month... till then hugs and kisses.
I love all the pictures New York looks so Amazing..
I am so glad you had a great time

GMyers said...

Love you girl! I keep reading this post, it makes me happy that you had so much fun! I wish you and Danny were still here, I miss you! I had such a great week with the two of you and hope you come out again soon!

Jenny and Josh said...

SO JEALOUS!!! I want to go to NY SOOO bad!! Plus I just saw the last harry potter and am on a total Daniel Radcliff kick, I am dying to see that play!

P.S. So great to see you beutiful smile!

schaars said...

You look STUNNING!!! Looks like the prefect getaway.... I mean seriously what is better than shopping and eating?! Loving your Lululemon clothes:)