Friday, September 16, 2011

I love this picture. it speaks to me.
 once there was light in my soul and now i am dark.
dark in the inside, but hope on the outside
hoping that angels are circling around me
making it so i can see.
see all the beauty in only having IzzyJane for a brief moment
i love the light coming down onto this dark woman
her hand reaching up as if she were speaking for me
"IzzyJane, bring me light, encircle me with your love"
yet theres still dark.
dark in the unknown, the waiting
death has stolen my innocence, but it won't still my substance.
I will fight for another soul to come into my body and into the world
I will reach up to the heavens and ask for help
surrender to what is.
because there is light and that light is beautiful
rays beaming down on her making her glow
I like to think those rays are from our angels giving light to us.
the sun is so vibrant yet when it goes down its dark.
sunrise sunset
i guess right now it is my night
dark. cold.
 a glipmse of light from the moon guiding me until i sunrise
Hoping and waiting for that sunrise to happen.


damian-kallie said...

That is beautiful Molly.

Renel said...

I love that picture too. I feel it. The darkness on the inside with the beauty and light surrounding me but not penetrating into my soul. I have pieces of sunlight like rays of sunshine coming through the cracks in the clouds. Those are given to me by my son and the beauty that still exists in the world. I see it all around me but it doesn't feel as vibrant, radiant, brilliant anymore. Like there is a film of grime covering the beauty because it is all tainted by the loss, by the missing, by the grief. It is reassuring to me to know that I will survive, that I am surviving. We just have to keep on keeping on and let that sunshine warm us from the outside in and allow what we can to seep in.

Katie said...

molly beautiful way of describing your life right now. your words are amazing your amazing I love you

Sharon said...

This is the month I lost my Joshua. Even though I am holding my Jeremiah now, this month is hard. Your words comfort me as they rip my heart out. I need to be in that place of raw pain, of hope and courage this month. Beautiful words, thank you and I am praying with you.