Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I am constantly trying to find ways to be uplifted and i love this ladies blog! She is a baby lost mother and has come a far way in light and love!


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Sharon said...

I am so sorry I am just now learning how to follow and respond to all my comments. Here is the comment I put as a reply to yours on my blog. I dont know if those are sent to you so I wanted to post here also. I am so touched and encouraged that my blog has helped your heart during this incredibly difficult time. It makes my loss make more sense when I know that it has helped to show God's strength and comfort to others. I know how hard it is, especially right at the beginning! I will be praying for you. I hope to keep in touch and I will hope and pray with you that God will bring a precious baby to heal your heart. I know how hard it has been for us and I am amazed by those that have the courage to endure this with their first child. I have a friend who lost her first child, waited for what seemed like forever and is now enjoying her baby's first year. There are so many of these stories of hope and restoration, our Jeremiah has brought healing I could not even imagine! Keep trusting God and know you are not alone as you feel all the many crazy feelings you will feel as you travel through your grief. I recognize each stage you are going through. There will be days you can not even speak on this blog because of the feelings that wash over, days it is hard to trust. Just keep your heart open before the Lord. He can take ranting and raging against Him, the only thing he can't help with is a heart that closes against Him. My worst times were when I grew hard with bitterness, thankfully He has brought me through even that. It is SO good that you are keeping your heart open here on this blog!
much love