Tuesday, September 27, 2011


before my eyes even open it hits me like a ton of bricks,

those bricks are on my chest and i cant get them off
the emptiness of my stomach, the crib, my heart
one by one I try to take them off. sometimes it feels good
and some bricks are really stuck. 
the people around me try to take those bricks off, i really appreciate it! 
but what holds bricks to the building? bond? 
and unfortunately IzzyJane and I have a special bond, a special kind of glue that can't wash off, she will always be apart off me. I hope one day it just doesn't hurt as much. I hope that her bricks will become the butterflies that i wish her to be! 


jen e. photography said...

I love you!

Chad and Megan said...

Love you :) And I agree your words ARE beautiful.

Whitney said...

You express your feelings so beautifully! I remember every morning wishing I didn't have to wake up. Sleep was so much better than facing reality and reliving your pain through yet another day. It gets a little bit easier every day. Like you said, there is a bond that holds you to her so tightly. That will never go away.

schaars said...

Molly you are such a Beautiful writer. You will always have a special bond, a mothers love is the strongest love of all. You and Danny are in my thoughts and prayers daily. xoxo

Lisa and company said...

Molly- you might not remember me- we only met once at Brad and Brittney's superbowl party but she told me about what happenened and I have been reading your blog. There is another Molly who has dealt with a similar tragedy and I know her blog has helped a lot of people.
so I wanted to post a link to it herehttp://jacksonparkcity.blogspot.com/
You have been and will continue to be in my prayers