Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Without bitter you could never taste the sweet. I read, say and think about this A LOT.
Life is hard. many people have a lot of bitter in their life and there will be more bitter to come :(
so how do we keep going?

You try to see, taste, and yearn for SWEET.    one word Bittersweet.

We will all have times when the sweet taste so good we forget that its sweet
 We will all have times when the bitter comes and we yearn for the sweet.

Through it all we need to know that everything IS. It just IS! We can't change what will happen to us.

 We just need to learn that the IS,
 is hard, joyful,exciting,
scary,  courageous,tempting,
rescuing, loving,
hopeful and much much more.

My amazing friends have been trying to build there family of 3 into so much more. Jen and Josh Anderson are so strong, and have a beautiful son Mason who is 3. He will be the best brother one day. I know his siblings are waiting for him, and our heavenly father is telling them to hang on just a little bit longer until they can come into Jen and Josh's lives. They have started a blog to help there adoption process get seen, heard and to get to love this great family!

Please, if you know anyone who may have some bitter, there might be a chance that it'll bring the sweetest gift to the Anderson's home! A baby, a life, a gift from God!

Please take a look at their blog!

My amazing Friends the Anderson's.. visit here


Jenny and Josh said...

Beautifully said! You have an amazing way with words!

Scott & Annie said...

Molly, I love how you think of others despite your own sorrow. I want to be like you!

J. Anderson Family said...

Thank you Molly! You are so sweet to think of us and so many others as you go through all that you are going through. You are such a great example! XOXO :o)