Wednesday, January 18, 2012

missing her

I miss her.....

I really really really do.

everywhere i go i try to feel her, imagine her, here her name

I shake my head, trying to reason, trying to forget, trying to heal

but it remains



Meagan J. said...

Molly- I understand exactly everything you wrote. This is horrible... but sometimes I pick a fight with my husband, some how pull my little Lauren into the conversation (fight) just to try and see some emotion about our dead daughter from him. Because I never see it. I know he hurts but I want to see him hurt as much as I do. I think it is something we will always do. We will always try to imagine her in this particular place, doing certain things. It does get easier. I promise you. I'm coming up on 2 years (January 29th) and can say that 90% of my thoughts, feelings, converstaions about her are happy. I think about your little family often and I love seeing her pictures.

Much love,
Meagan (from Las Vegas)

Ashley Richards said...

Molls, how I wish so badly that she was here.

I love you,


Katie said...


Renel said...

Oh this just breaks my heart. I have been looking at pictures of Camille so much more lately than I ever have. Seeing izzy Jane in all her perfection...WHY? why did this happen? We miss our daughters, I think we will ALWAYS miss them. It is so much harder sometimes than others. I have started writing Camille's name on the glass in our shower. I just want to say her name and write her name. I wish our daughters were with us. Missing IzzyJane with you.

brigette said...

Im so sorry for the loss of your precious daughter. Being in this BLM group is so not fair! Izzy is beautiful!!! Praying for your sweet family. We lost our son Kael when he was 5 months old due to a neuromuscular condition. The pain is hard to take. One step, on breath one moment at a time. Hugs mama

Paula said...

Oh Molly,

She is just so perfect. Her and my Braedon would be the same age right now. I wonder if our little ones find each other after they leave this world and our arms?

Sending you thoughts of peace. I am so proud of your foundation and how it is growing, I am keeping track on FB. I believe you are going to do great things in Izzy's name.

Whitney said...

She truly is so beautiful, Molly. I feel your pain. Missing our babies will never go away. And it shouldn't. I have no doubt Izzy is so proud of her mama and dad for the way you guys have risen above your pain and turned your grief into something so amazing and beautiful. What better way to honor your perfect little baby than by helping others who experience the same kind of loss. Stay strong. You are seriously an inspiration to many.