Thursday, April 19, 2012

My angels

Meet my angels, they are my sisters without them i would be no one! 
We have been through some really tough times together.
Our parents got divorced 
Our father died
Big $$$ upsets 
IzzyJane leaves us
But I wouldn't change a thing that we have gone through....(thats really tough to say because ughh I want my dad and IzzyJane here) but because we have fallen together too many times we have been able to lift eachother up in our darkest days. We build eachother a bridge of hope, light, and love cheering eachother on until we reach the other side. That bridge is scarey, rocky, shaky, ugly, but with them its durable and all together stronger than ever. 

When I was little jeni (pic above) treating me like her best friend, we are 8 years apart but she loved me so much, and took such good care of me. She was only a senior in highschool, but she would let me come with her to her friends house, she would take me on drives, let me count the money she made waitressing at cowboy grub, sat in her room while she studied, tagged along with her boyfriend Alan, waited for the mailman to drop off missionary letters, then i helped plan her wedding, cried and cried when she went on her honeymoon, went to work with her when she did photography, went to all her baby showers, then i painted her toes the night before she had sweet Paxton, and then I meet Danny. Thats when she cried and cried when I found my new protector. I admire Jeni, she was who i was going to be when i grew up, Determined, Funny, Lovable, an amazing mother, go with the flow kind of gal! 

Being the youngest i am always called the little sister yet I am bigger than both of my sisters and I am the only one with blue eyes. Katie was the middle child, because Jen and I were inseparable Katie was having the time of her life with friends boys and traveling. I looked up to her so much. She had a great job at the limited where she would get all these amazing clothes. I would always go into her closet and steal them and then put them back unwashed hahaha. Then when my dad died, It truly boned all of us. We needed eachother, we held onto one another and Never let go. While I was in highschool katie was dating Ty (my brother inlaw) I would make up these songs and sing the songs to them. They really believed in me. I sometimes would date boys that lets just say I would not want them to be my husband, and i remember them telling me they would pray for me at night hoping I would find my soul mate, and sure enough I found him. I look up to Katie in so many ways, and again she was who i wanted to be when i grew up, She is a daredevil, she is spontaneous, she stands for what she believes in and is always loving and understanding. (She wasn't a mom yet, But now she is an amazing mom to 2 boys)

with both of my sisters qualities how could i turn out to be the best hahahahahahahahahahahaha j/k

But it is because of them that I am the Woman that I am today! They are my best friends, who i still look up to and need so much in my life. I will never forget the way they took care of me in the hospital, even though it is so sad to remember its etched in my mind forever. they both yelled at my doctor, searching for answers, they both wiped me tears, brought in treats and movies cause my motto is "it's always a party"
Katie got me and Izzy matching bracelets. I'll never forget when jeni rubbed my belly when i was having contractions. The way they looked at IzzyJane, they way they held her and examined her. It is heartbreaking but these moments are moments i cherish with them. They are my angels that helped carry me through! I LOVE them more than these words can even explain!



Gabe and Abby said...

Such a sweet post Molly. It made me cry. Thanks for sharing. Sisters are the best. You're lucky to have two awesome ones. I remember in high school thinking your sisters were SO beautiful! Sill are. Love you!

Renel said...

Molly, you are so lucky to have your sisters. I don't have one and your relationship with each one is so beautiful. I am envious of that. I am glad they are there to help support your heart. I am so glad they got to hold izzy Jane. Sending love.

Paula said...

Your sisters are beautiful. I do not have a sister but I do have an angel in the form of my sister in law. She was the only other person besides my Mother, who was able to meet our Braedon. I feel so lucky to have her. Love to you.

Ashley Richards said...

So sweet Molly! You three are awesome! I have no doubt that you were meant to be together in this life. I think of you often and my heart aches and yearns for IzzyJane and for you guys. The last picture of the 4 of you is too beautiful for words. I cry every time I look at it.

I love you! Ash

Keri Cannon said...

that was such a sweet post. The picture of you and your sisters at the end made me cry. Love ya tons!

Michael said...

That really was a beautiful tribute to your sisters. Thanks for sharing that, they sound pretty awesome!