Saturday, April 28, 2012

Guardian angel

My mom is not just my angel, she is my guardian angel. She is my mother, my friend, my confidant.
My mom has so many amazing qualities that its hard to start at just one, so bare with me.
She is the most spiritual person I have ever meet. I remember growing up she would always cry when music touched her heart. I being little and had no concept of heartache would just smile at her, and just wanted her to be happy. Her mother died of cancer when she had just had my sister Katie. The way she talks about her mother it makes me want to know my grandma so bad. My mom Idolized her mother, and they were best friends. It literally broke my moms heart when she passed away.

 My mom thought she was done having children and then 6 years later she knew that she had to have one more. She calls me her angel baby. I made my moms broken heart mend just a little bit. When I was born they said I came out with a smile on my face, I was a good baby, and made alot of people happy. Even though those times where good, times just seemed to get harder for my mom. Her and my dad got divorced and then he died 5 years later, It broke my moms heart even more.

 I have always admired her though, she just kept on going with a beautiful smile on her face and with a purpose in her heart. Her faith in God increased so much. I would walk in on her meditating and I would just laugh and roll my eyes. Now having my own heartache I appreciate the love she has for her father in heaven. She talks with her mom all the time, she has dreams about my dad coming to visit her, and now she even talks and laughs with our IzzyJane. I have to admit, that now I don't laugh at her meditating. It is something one needs to escape this crazy world and get centered.

My mom is always there for anyone at anytime. She has this wonderful capability to listen, with a sincere heart, and always has loving advice. I remember in high school on Saturday mornings we would eat breakfast together and I would tell her all about my what was going in on my life, I could tell her anything good or bad and she would laugh or just give good advice. The first time Danny came into our house she knew this kid was a keeper and that we would date, i just laughed at her and rolled my eyes. Well to my surprise Danny did kiss me 2 months later and I ran into my moms room where is was already asleep, and I woke her up. She was so happy for me even though i had woke her. That's the thing about my mom is that she is always happy for things in my life, always supportive and has all the trust in me. I remember when I told her I was ready to have children hahaha such a huge step in my life, yet my mom was so supportive. Then the dreaded phone call from the hospital when I told her we lost IzzyJane. ugghhh once again she was there, supportive, loving, and heartbroken....

I don't know how many more times my moms heart can break...But she keeps going, she has her own business working physically hard, She visits with her family friends, and Is the best nana ever, her grandkids absolutely love her. She is so fun, playful, encouraging, hopeful, spiritual, caring, Christ-like, understanding, and so loving! She truly is amazing! I am so lucky to have her as my mom and even through her heartache she still all of these amazing things. She is such a good example to me of being strong and keep your head up through the tough and the good times!

I love you Mom!
I am proud of you mom!
I hope to be like you one day!
I am so glad your my mom!
I love you Mom!

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