Friday, September 21, 2012

Waiting for the time to pass....

Went to the zoo 

Did lots of crafts 

Played with Sloan 

Went to WICKED 

Cousins wedding, danced and laughed all night long! 

Went to St. George and saw Hairspray 

Played with my sis!

 Tiffany's wedding

Last but not least we finally found a house!!! Wahooooo 
I'm 9 months prego and were moving out to daybreak! Some may say i'm crazy but honestly it will be the best thing for me. I am so excited to have a fresh start. 
It'll be so nice to have a new baby room for Cruz, a room that is all his, and was meant to be his.
 A room where i can bring him home to with no sadness dwelling.
A room that is all boy, all his! 
We finally packed up IzzyJane's room as we packed up the rest of our house. 
It was sad, packing up her clothes. the clothes that we dreamt her in, the clothes that we brought to the hospital for her to come home in. 
There were only 2 outfits/onesies that cruz can wear and not look like a girl haha.
I am going to bring IzzyJane's blanket that we wrapped her in, with us to the hospital.
 I will put him in it and remember her sweet spirit. 
Embrace the newborn smell again, feel the weight of my baby in my arms, 
and listen to all the sounds he will make.
It'll make me miss her, but ohhh it will be so nice to have him here. I love him so much, sooooo much! 

Here he is!! He looks so handsome!!  
I honestly can't wait any longer...3 more weeks! 
I'm freaking out! Just want him here NOW!! 


Charlotte and Dugan Frehner said...

I am so excited for you. My husband and I bought a house in Daybreak almost a year and a half ago and I love it here. We both work in Downtown Salt Lake but Daybreak is a wonderful place to start a new. I can't believe how close you are. Congratulations on your little Man. Maybe I sill see you around.

candice and tom said...

Congratulations on the house! you will love daybreak my sister had an awesome experience there. you look so great by the way! i can't wait to see pictures of your little man. You are amazing! enjoy!

Renel said...

Molly~ you look amazing. I think about you all the time. Really. I know how hard it is..that you are drowning in worry. I know how badly you want Cruz to be here. Out on this side. I know it does not help for anyone on the other side of the rainbow to give any advice....honestly I have none to is all just waiting. Waiting WAITING. Too much waiting and wanting of the little life you are growing to come and fill your arms even though he already fills your heart. I hope your new home is a wonderful new space filled with positivity. I am hoping that the last couple weeks goes by fast for you. They will be the longest weeks EVER. Sending you my love and looking forward to hearing of Cruz's safe arrival. Please know you are on my mind and in my heart.

{Brooke} said...

Molly Im SOOOOO excited for you guys!!!!! I miss you and I love you. You will live so close to me now. Yayyyyyy. Lets get together soon

Lisa and Oliver said...

You look Amazing Molly! We are so excited for your family :) Your house is super cute too.

Renel said...

You get to meet Cruz this month!

Renel said...

ack...a couple more days! Thinking of you!